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  • I know the URL is long, but the link to the PWSCC Training Department is

  • I’d like to find more information on any studies on the short and long term affects of the fumes related to the Exxon Valdez spill. I’ve read articles about the health problems experienced by spill clean up crews, and am spreading the word among frineds here in S. Louisiana about the precautions they should consider. However, another concern is the petroleum odors related to the Gulf leak which are wafting over the million plus who live in Gulf communities. I live in New Orleans (120 miles from oil rig explosion) and can smell the fumes from the spill each time the wind is coming out of the south. This will be a long term exposure I know. The question is; have there been studies of respiratory illnesses in cities like Whittier, AK after the spill. Has there been a registered increase in respiratory illnesses in citizens not involved in the clean up but living within a 100 mile radius. And lastly, the EPA publishes daily reports of “particals and ozone levels” in our area…, but are these readings of any value in monitoring gases related to crude oil (benzine, etc) Thanks for any help or web sites you can pass along.

  • ajohnson

    Mike, thanks for your question. I will find an answer and get back to you asap.

  • ajohnson

    Mike, I’ve asked a couple of our project managers, and our studies all involve storage of oil and the vapors from the terminal, and so are not the best resource for you. The best expert on cleanup worker health and the related fumes is Riki Ott. You can contact her through her website: or email me at amanda.johnson (at) and I will get you her contact information.

  • ajohnson

    Hi Alan, Sorry, your comment got caught up in our spam filter. I will add the link to our site. Thanks!

  • Melissa


    Looking at the info on the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (, it seems the link to the fact sheet and the link to the entire act take you to the 66-page pdf of the entire act. Can you post the fact sheet?

  • ajohnson

    Thanks Melissa! I’ll have that changed in just a minute.

  • Can you put a bigger pipe over the small pipe with an o ring and sealer to stop the gusing of the oil.

  • ajohnson

    Inetha, I don’t know the answer to that. We are not directly involved in the operations in the gulf. If you have ideas for something that might help, you can try submitting through the official response page here:

  • Neil McDavid

    Where do I get the peer listening training video?

  • ajohnson

    Hi Neil, you can watch the video online from our Facebook page. It is posted in pieces as the video is 2 hours long. Links are on the Community Impacts page of this site:

    Also, if you would like a higher quality version of the entire video on DVD, just call our Anchorage office: 907.277.7222 or 800.478.7221 (toll free) and we can mail you one. We are working on getting them available as an online download, but don’t have that set up yet.

  • MAX

    Is there any way to test the gulf water for oil or disperants that can be used in field that don’t cost a fortune? II don’t want my family in the water if its not safe..I was also thinking of testing local rain water?

  • ajohnson

    Thanks for your question, Max. I’ll see what info I can track down for you asap.

  • ajohnson

    Hi Max. From what we know, Environment Canada developed a methodology for detecting dispersants in recovered oil. But, our understanding is that the methodology is not for dispersants in water. The short answer is it can be done at least with oil, but not easily or cheaply. Hope this helps.

  • Tom

    I am a resident of the Alabama Gulf Coast. First of all, thank you for compiling these resources for us. I am particularly interested in the idea of forming our own Citizens’ Advisory Council for this region. Has the PWSRCAC been contacted by anyone who is working on that? If not, is there someone in your organization I should speak with to determine how to begin the process?

  • ajohnson

    Hi Tom. Yes, we have been contacted by several groups interested in the citizen council concept for the Gulf. I will contact you by email to help you get in touch with them.

    For anyone else interested, please let us know! We are happy to help get people linked together.

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